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cherokee1's Journal
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Date:2016-09-11 08:27
Subject:Sick systems: How to keep someone with you forever

Originally posted by issendai. Reposted by cherokee1 at 2016-09-11 08:27:00.

So you want to keep your lover or your employee close. Bound to you, even. You have a few options. You could be the best lover they've ever had, kind, charming, thoughtful, competent, witty, and a tiger in bed. You could be the best workplace they've ever had, with challenging work, rewards for talent, initiative, and professional development, an excellent work/life balance, and good pay. But both of those options demand a lot from you. Besides, your lover (or employee) will stay only as long as she wants to under those systems, and you want to keep her even when she doesn't want to stay. How do you pin her to your side, irrevocably, permanently, and perfectly legally?

You create a sick system.Collapse )

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Date:2014-12-12 20:27
Subject:Happy birthday, theoldone!

May it be glorious!

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Date:2014-06-21 20:14
Subject:Happy birthday, frackin_sweet

Hope you have a great day!

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Date:2014-06-21 20:08
Subject:Happy birthday, green eyed pagan!

May the cake be chocolate, and the day go as you wish.

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Date:2012-11-19 13:37
Subject:A donor's choose opportunity

I wrote a grant to Donors Choose for a new slab roller, and mixing glazes to
help my students in their self portrait ceramic masks.
The site wrote back to inform me that they would match any donations entered under the word code
Here is the body of the email:

Good news! Revealing and Concealing: Self Portrait Ceramic Masks(917283) is live and ready to receive donations.

Even better: our Board of Directors wants to kick start your project! For the next 7 days, when someone donates to your project and enters the code INSPIRE, we'll match their donation dollar for dollar.

We bet you have friends and family who care about what you're doing in your classroom. Give them an easy way to help:

1) Tell your network! Email and post on Facebook. Not sure how to ask? Use our sample language and your personalized Teacher Page: http://www.donorschoose.org/we-teach/1647384

2) Make sure people donate by November 26, 2012 and use the match code INSPIRE during checkout to double their donations to your project.

Questions? Read the full details about this offer.

A signal boost is always appreciated
Thank you.

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Date:2012-10-26 20:14
Subject:Like a thirteen year old's diary, without the boy.

French feline despair and ennui, most tastefully presented in blank verse.

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Date:2011-09-12 18:53
Subject:Happy Birthday 2metaldog!

May the cake be your favorite, and the ice cream a complement.

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Date:2011-06-24 14:02
Subject:Happy Birthdays!

Hope your days are good, and the cake is your favorite!

Happy Birthday to greeneyedpagan and frackin_sweet


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Date:2011-04-21 21:23
Subject:Crafty arty things..

Did you know that one of my assistant principles is also a preachers wife?
This was nervous making, for most of the PWs I knew had a rep to live up to.
She, my friends, is a non traditional PW. A stealth PW.
One with a sense of humor. That curses.
I love her.
So, with Easter upon us,
please to click for picturesCollapse )

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Date:2011-04-10 19:13
Subject:Calling all videophiles..

I have been playing videos for the students during studio time.
Firing imaginations is part of my job.
These are some of the videos I have turned them on to, for various reasons.


Claymation, animation, stop motion photography...
some of them recommended from you sharp, talented folk.
So, clue me in..show me more.
It's for the children!

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Date:2011-03-15 08:07
Subject:Spring Break!

And I already am forgetting What I did What days.
pictures! cut for your convenienceCollapse )

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Date:2011-02-14 17:32
Subject:Happy Birthday arigatomina!

May you receive your fondest desire,
and hope the cake is your favorite flavor!

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Date:2011-02-06 20:04
Subject:Happy Birthday waterlilly and aetherbox!

May there be cake in your near future.
Chocolate is good. Cheesecake is good, too.
Also, may good things besides cake come your way.

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Date:2010-12-13 05:59
Subject:Happy Birthday theoldone

Is is a wonderful Monday,because it is your birthday!
May everything go as you wish!
I look forward to seeing you tonight at PMS.

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Date:2010-11-26 14:57
Subject:10 pages of outloud giggling

Keerist. I am so easily amused.


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Date:2010-10-23 22:54
Subject:The Ninth Week

Or it could be the eighth. I have lost track.
I do know that mid quarter grades are due Monday, at 6 pm.
For once, I am ahead of the game, and am done now.

So, progress on classes -

The Wooden Horse Project is the class that is happiest and busiest right now.
Glue guns! and Loppers! and Sticks! Hurrah!
Enuf said.

Ceramic 7th grade are also happy and busy.

The Action Jackson rodeo art 7th and 8th classes are doing good!
They are taking a form exercise and OWNing it.
Their Spheres look real. The other forms (cube, pyramid, etc.) that they are
rendering are coming along.

Self portrait 8th graders... are not so motivated. They are doing the work, but...
This is the first bunch I have ever had that are not enthralled by their own face, and are
not interested in dressup.

I do NOT underSTAND.
At this age, it is allll about them, doncha know.
I guess I will get them thru this, and redo it with a different theme.
Maybe rap stars, or sports heros.
Or royalty. I dunno.

Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Date:2010-07-17 10:59
Subject:This is pretty. Pretty, pretty

I love random journals.

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Date:2010-06-24 07:03
Subject:Birthday, birthday...

Happy Birthday, Goo!
Love you,

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Date:2010-04-16 06:23
Subject:Happy birthday, alexfiles!


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Date:2010-04-16 06:21
Subject:Happy birthday, bianaryathena!

Hope you had a great day!

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